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Module 1


    • Bank Management
    • Macroeconomics and Finance
    • Financial Institutions, Markets and Banking Products
    • Information Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis
    • International Finance
Module 2

Theory and Portfolio

  • Financial Economics and Portfolio Theory
  • Fixed Income
  • Derivatives
Module 3

Quantitative Methods
and IT

  • Financial Software (R and Visual Basic)
  • Quantitative Finance
Module 4

Corporate Finance and Risk Management

  • Anlaysis and Valuation of Companies
  • Market Regulation and Basel III
  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  • Risk Management in Banking
Module 5

Modern Financial Trends

  • Advanced Topics in Valuation of Companies
  • Big Data in the Banking Industry
  • Fintech and Digital Transformation
  • Project Finance
Module 6

Final Project

  • Final Project – Academic Investigation

We offer you a life changing experience

The UAH’s Master in Finance and Banking has been ranked as one of the top financial Masters in Spain several times. Taught by professionals and with a practical approach, the programme aims to develop a new generation of finance analysts.


You will have the advantage of learning from leaders in the fields of Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Risk Management.

Participant Profile

The Master in Finance and Banking has been specifically designed for international young professionals with a high development potential and a strong profile in the areas of Finance and Banking.


Our graduates are well prepared for jobs in the finance industry, such as banking, investment banking, fund management and the area of consultancy. Graduates have pursued careers all over the world.



UAH faculty members are specialists in their field. They have international research reputations and are well positioned in the finance sector.

As a student of the Master in Finance and Banking, you will have the advantage of learning from leaders in the fields of Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Risk Management.



It is quite difficult to explain how this Master has become one of the best experiences of my life in a few words, but if I had to choose only two words to explain it, they would be “opportunity” and “enrichment”. I consider that this Master is such a great opportunity, in so many aspects. On the one hand, you will acquire pretty important financial knowledge in many areas such as risk, portfolio management or corporate finance, but at the same time you will have the opportunity to develop different valuable skills such as team work, speaking skills or how to take advantage of your time. On the other hand, another very important advantage of this Master is the personal enrichment you get due to the social and cultural diversity which gives you the chance to see how an idea can be approached from completely different perspectives, and how a cooperative and well-integrated group of work is one of the keys for success nowadays. As a result, my recommendation, a year like the one you are going to experience just happens once in life, so, make the most of it.

Florencia Salvatierra Student

My experience with my Master´s and how it prepared me for my future career. While doing my Master´s in Finance and Banking in English, I acquired a great deal of knowledge about finance because of the wide range of topics discussed and because of the excellent professors. Currently, I work as a trader in OSTC Trading, and I operate within their financial markets. I consider my Master´s to be valuable because it gave me the tools to understand macroeconomics, to manage their portfolio and risk management.

Agustín Miralles Student

Taking the MSc Finance and Banking at UAH was one of the best decisions I ever made. Living abroad and interacting with international professors and classmates was a great experience. With excellent faculty and staff, the program provides you wih the necessary skills and expertise to boost your financial career. Thanks to the Master Program, I was able to find a position as a financial analyst, and right from day one, I was able to apply all the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.

Roberto Krammer Student